Established in 1920, les Etablissements JACQUES, are specialized in

fashion accessories of French manufacturing.

Transmitted from generation to generation, it’s the founder’s grandson

who is at the initiative of the creation of the brand « ROYAL TAPISSERIE ».

Fascinated by the tapestry and his technical, slow and delicate weaving, he

decided to combine his experience in leather goods with the know-how of

well-know weavers.

Today there are more than 25 collections, always made in France, of bags,

cases, purses, glasses cases, but also cushions in Gobelins tapestry that coexist.

And new collections are created every year.

The art of the tapestry exists since Antiquity, but it’s François 1er and then Colbert

who, in France, gave him his titles of nobility. That’s why Royal Tapisserie like to

oscillate between collections that pay tribute in the origins of the material which

made its success and resolutely contemporary creations. 

Besides a beautiful bag, the tapestry brings a historial and cultural dimensions

that makes our creations original and unique.

le fondateur de la societé royal tapisserie

The French quality

All our creations are made in France.

The manufacturing is very neat, with a big sense of the

detail (from the stings to the choices of the linings).

Adapted to the lives of today’s women, our bags are

endowed with numerous pockets and arrangements.

And because your bag accompanies you everyday, we

have to design it solid, time-tested and practical.

Regarding  the tapestries, they are weaved with noble materials

(fine cotton threads) and we work with weavers, among  many

of whom are holders of the French State label « EPV »

(Enterprise of the living Heritage).

Royal Tapisserie

The French know-how

Tissage Mille Fleurs
Tissage Mille fleurs
Tissage Mille fleurs
Tissage Paris Confettis
Tissage Paris Confettis